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Personalized, unbiased, and holistic financial advice for healthcare professionals in Vancouver.

What Sets Us Apart?

Unlike traditional advisors, we offer fee-only services with no hidden agendas. Our mission is to provide transparent, holistic, and simple financial guidance.

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As fee-only financial planners, we are compensated solely by the fees we charge clients for our advice and planning services. We do not receive commissions or incentives for selling financial products, ensuring our advice is unbiased and solely in your best interest.

We use various billing methods, such as hourly rates for consultations, flat fees for creating a financial plan, or retainer fees for ongoing advisory services. This transparent pricing model helps you understand and control your costs.

Let’s face it – juggling multiple accounts can be a headache. We make things easy and clear for you here. We’ll help you organize your scattered accounts, ensuring everything aligns with your values and goals. Plus, we don’t earn commissions or have sales quotas, so you can trust our advice is always in your best interest.

Fee-only financial planners are perfect for individuals seeking unbiased financial advice without the pressure of product sales. Professionals with complex financial needs, DIY investors wanting strategic guidance, retirees planning their income strategies, and young families building a financial foundation are all good candidates. This transparent, client-focused approach ensures tailored advice that truly benefits your financial future.

We do not directly manage your investments as we do not sell financial products. Instead, we provide personalized advice on investment strategies and retirement planning. We help you understand their financial goals and purpose, develop comprehensive plans to achieve them, and offer ongoing support to adapt the plans as needed. 

How Can We Help You?

Early Career

Establishing Financial Foundations

Early Career Financial Planning

As an early career healthcare professional, your income is set to rise. Begin with a smart budget and savings plan. Early financial management is key to long-term success. Book a call below to chat about your situation.
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Building Wealth and Security

Mid-Career Financial Planning

Diversify your investments and maximize your retirement contributions. Utilize tax planning strategies to keep more of what you earn. Take control of your financial future today.
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Seasoned Career

Preparing for Financial Independence

Seasoned Career Financial Planning

Estimate your passive income needs for financial independence and create a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy. Don't forget about your government benefits. Start creating your lifetime income plan today.
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Healthcare Business Owners

Optimize Your Business Finances for Growth

Financial Planning for Clinic Owners

As a clinic owner, streamline your finances by determining how to pay yourself. Invest in tax-efficient plans like TFSAs, RRSPs or IPPs, and implement corporate tax-saving strategies to maximize profitability. Start optimizing your financial strategy today!
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Who am I?

Hey there, I’m Jim Pan, founder of Panorama Advisory Group – a financial planning firm in Vancouver primarily serving healthcare professionals. Most people are not aware that the value of financial planning is in the advice, not the products they buy. This realization ignited my commitment to provide transparent and objective financial advisory services with a clear, fee-only structure. 

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Transparent Pricing

The first step to building a trusted relationship is transparency and honesty. That's why our fees are crystal clear, ensuring no conflicts of interest!