Creating Your Online Image: Steps to Building an Effective Online Presence

Your digital presence speaks volumes about your identity as an advisor. Through my conversations with advisors nationwide, it’s evident that this aspect is often underused and undervalued. When a client recommends you to a friend, where do you think they’ll turn first? Most likely, it’s Google. They’ll scour the web to understand who you are […]

Life Event-Driven Wealth Management for Millennials

Focusing on wealth planning tied to life events ensures your clients are adequately prepared during critical junctures. This approach showcases your ability to deliver personalized financial solutions, a crucial factor for millennial clients. A recent study by the Public Policy Forum (PPF) in Ottawa underscores millennials’ preference for financial advice tailored to their life events, […]

Exploring Financial Opportunities for Clients Embarking on Parenthood

When a baby joins the family, it’s a monumental life event that often triggers the need for wealth planning. As a financial advisor, this presents a prime opportunity to demonstrate your value, showing your clients that you’re attentive and caring. Millennials, in particular, value proactive advisors who understand and acknowledge their life milestones. The challenge […]

Meeting Strategies for a Digital Environment

In light of recent events, many of us have found ourselves thrust into a digital realm of online meetings, which may be unfamiliar territory for some. However, for millennial clients, digital communication is nothing new, and numerous financial advisors have effectively utilized digital platforms to engage their clients for some time now. In fact, there […]