Meeting Strategies for a Digital Environment

In light of recent events, many of us have found ourselves thrust into a digital realm of online meetings, which may be unfamiliar territory for some. However, for millennial clients, digital communication is nothing new, and numerous financial advisors have effectively utilized digital platforms to engage their clients for some time now.

In fact, there are advisors who have never met their clients face-to-face due to geographical constraints, relying instead on technology to cultivate strong client relationships.

If you haven’t yet embraced this shift, consider it an opportunity to enhance your online meeting process. Here are some tips for conducting successful online meetings:

  1. Set predefined time limits: Digital meetings have different attention dynamics than in-person ones. It’s often more effective to split a 60-minute meeting into two 30-minute sessions.
  2. Utilize video: Seeing your client’s facial expressions and reactions can help replicate the experience of an in-person meeting.
  3. Establish a clear agenda: This is crucial for any client meeting, but even more so for online sessions. Consider sending the agenda to your client beforehand to solicit their input. Incorporating relevant educational content can enhance engagement and allow you to address their concerns effectively.
  4. Conclude with a brief summary and discuss action items: What steps will be taken post-meeting to add value to their financial planning? Document these action items in your task management system to ensure timely follow-up.

Online meetings not only offer convenience but also increase the value you provide as a financial advisor while saving time for both you and your clients. If you haven’t yet embraced this technology, there’s no better time than now to start.

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